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Closet Believer of Enemy’s Advocate?

Closet Believer of Enemy’s Advocate?

Two co-workers suddenly found themselves in a conference with a supervisor after they had an altercation with each other. The man alleged that the woman was constantly making snide remarks against him. In his frustration, he reported her actions to the supervisor, who subsequently called them in to discuss the matter.

During the conversation, the topic of their mannerisms and faith came up. The man said, “I am a believer, but I’m not a preacher or anything like that.” To the man’s great surprise, the woman quickly stated, “Well, I AM a preacher!” The man nearly passed out because the woman’s conduct pointed nowhere near her being a Christian, let alone a minister. After all, the bulk of the exchanges between the two, according to the man, included her cursing him out. The moral of the story? We must always watch our actions and our deeds because we never know who’s watching us.

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